Malsch Techno Valuation

Malsch TechnoValuation ( is a consultancy specializing in ethical and societal aspects of new technology including nanotechnology. The company has extensive expertise in ethical and societal aspects of nanotechnology and nanoeducation, including in EU funded projects since 2002. From 1 November 2012 until 31 October 2015, it participates in the EU funded project NanoEIS: Nanotechnology Education for Industry and Society: Under the name EthicSchool, workshops and training on Responsible Innovation are offered to entrepreneurs and professionals: Malsch TechnoValuation is a Sole Proprietor located in Utrecht, The Netherlands since its foundation on 1 January 1999.

Malsch TechnoValuation is work package leader for WP 6: Impact and Recommendations. The company also contributes to a study on other employers needs (in regulation, advice, communication and dialogue) in WP 2: Mapping of Best Practices and Stakeholder Needs, and to WP 5: Dissemination and Exploitation.