ORT Israel

ORT Israel is the largest educational network in Israel, providing educational solutions for over 100,000 students in more than 200 schools and colleges. ORT Israel has trained over 500,000 graduates since 1949, the majority of which work in science and technology. ORT's Moshinsky Centre for R&D is responsible for initiation, planning and management of projects catering to the pedagogical needs of the ORT education system as well as the science and technology education system in Israel.

ORT’s pedagogical projects are notable for their innovation, integrating online communication and a variety of unique teaching method s both in core subjects and in science and technology. ORT leads projects like: (a) Excellence and innovation in science and technology in ORT schools (b) Pedagogical training (c) Projects to promote social aspects; (e) computerized learning environment; and (f) Special system wide projects.


ORT Israel contribution to NanoEIS will focus on all the project activities in secondary schools.
The main activities are:

  • Mapping the educational needs
  • High school assessment & collecting example for best practices
  • Consulting & supporting the development of materials
  • Disseminating activities & organize a workshop for teachers
  • Recommendations for high schools & vocational education

Website: en.ort.org.il