Fundación Prodintec


Fundación PRODINTEC is an industry-driven multisectorial Technology Centre created to boost the competitiveness of European companies by applying research and development activities to either product designs or manufacturing processes. There are 3 main areas of activities in PRODINTEC i) Industrial Production, ii) Product Design, and iii) Innovation Management and Technology Transfer. It has in-house cutting-edge equipment for manufacturing and advanced software for product design along with high-skilled engineers with experience in different fields of science and innovation management. PRODINTEC possesses strong experience in networking with industrial companies at regional/national/international level. In this sense, PRODINTEC has a specific department for carrying out technology transfer and external relations, engages in activities with high-motivated researchers and, hence, it possesses a wide experience in developing networking initiatives for connecting industry and academia.
Moreover, PRODINTEC has wide experience in European research programmes as, for instance, FP6/FP7, EUREKA and INTERREG where it works in close collaboration with industrial partners, research institutes and public administration around Europe. The Centre is an active member of different European Technology Platforms related to manufacturing and nanotechnology such as MANUFUTURE, MINAM and NANOfutures, where it belongs to the Steering Committee and Platform Asbl.


PRODINTEC’s main contribution to NANOEIS project deals with the identification and analysis of the industry needs for nanotechnology skills and expertise in employees both at the time of recruitment and afterwards. It is also involved in other tasks such as the analysis of the cooperation in the training process between stakeholders and assessing which ongoing programmes or activities are considered suitable for the needs of each educational level. Moreover, PRODINTEC participates in the recommendations drafting for high schools, vocational education, higher education and lifelong learning. The Center also strongly contributes to dissemination activities.