Paris-Lodron-Universit├Ąt Salzburg

The Paris Lodron University of Salzburg (PLUS) is a leading institution for research and education in Austria. Presently, over 18,000 students are enrolled and it employs approximately 2,700 staff members in research, teaching and administration. As an integral part of both cultural and educational life, the University serves as a meeting place for teaching staff, students and academics, as well as the general public. The University was founded in 1622 by Archbishop Paris Graf von Lodron, but was abolished in 1810. Since it's re-establishment in 1962, the University has developed into a modern, vibrant institution whose four Faculties-Theology, Law, Cultural and Social Sciences, and Natural Sciences-meet the highest standards of teaching and research. PLUS coordinates 5 completed or ongoing FP7 projects and maintains a strong network with academic and industrial partners throughout Europe. NanoEIS is coordinated via the Department of Molecular Biology (, which also participates in the related projects NanoTOES, NanoValid and MARINA.