University College Dublin

National University of Ireland, Dublin / University College Dublin (NUID UCD) is Ireland’s leading international university, with over 25,000 students. NUID UCD is a member of Universitas 21 (U21), the international network of leading research universities and of UNICA, the network of universities representing the capital cities of Europe. NUID UCD coordinates QualityNano (, a research infrastructure focussed on quality assurance in all aspects of nanomaterials production and processing for safety assessment and nanomedicine. It has a significant focus on training and dissemination of best practice, via its Knowledge Hub, which is bringing together existing training materials, and developing excellence in new training materials for relevant stakeholders, including young researchers, research centres, industry (especially SMEs) and regulatory bodies. A key element is the promotion of scientific best practice, including the need for appropriate nanoscale positive and negative controls, and quantitative reproducibility of experimental approaches.