Nanotechnology education for industry and society

This education component in NanoEIS project aims to assess what are the best practices for introducing NST (Nano Science & Technology) education in secondary schools and recommend the EU authorities regarding how to progress from isolated examples of good practice to more scalable nanoeducational approaches.

What for?

The applications of nanotechnology have exemplified how modern research is transformed into useful applications and they have demonstrated the importance of science and technology in everyday life. Introducing NST to the secondary school system is to invite students to learn and discuss scientific knowledge of social interest relevant to the learning materials, so that students can critically evaluate what they read in newspapers or see on TV from a more objective perspective.

What can I find in this report?

An in-depth review of various NST education schemes of different scale, extent and methodology, followed by a list of recommendations of what and how to introduce NST education at different scales and education systems.

Download Reports

Download D2.3 "Report on Secondary school education and its contribution to facilitating transition into university"
Download D3.1 "Report on Best Practices in Nanotechnology Education at the Secondary School Level"